Sandra Edwards

Sandra Edwards

Sandra Edwards is a multi-preneur, small business strategist, and infinite possibilities trainer and speaker, who divides her time between New England and New York City.

Sandra is passionate about providing inspired wisdom to empower and excite people to more easily live the life of their dreams.

I wanted to talk with Sandra about the successes she’s having since implementing  in her life the tools and strategies she’s learned from the Soul-Naked coaching program.

You can listen to our interview here: Spotlight on Sandra Edwards

For those who would like to get in touch with Sandra, please contact me and I’ll be honoured to connect both of you.

And, if you’d like to find out more about the Open Heart Soulutions’ coaching programs, and see if you qualify for a free session with me, visit janicklemieux.com or call me at 226-238-8178


Christa Steeves

Christa Steeves

Christa is a wellness and soul coach.  Her passion  is helping women remember who they really are underneath it all, and design a life true to herself.

I had the pleasure to talk with Christa about the successes she’s having since using the tools and techniques she’s learned from the Soul-Naked coaching program and how she’s applied them in her life.

You can listen to our interview here: Spotlight on Christa Steeves

If you resonated with Christa Steeves and would like to find out more about her and “Well Being Coaching”, visit her website at http://wellbeingcoaching.ca  and find her on most social media channels as “Imawellbeing”

To find out more about the Open Heart Soulutions’ coaching programs, and see if you qualify for a free session with me, visit my About page, call me at 226-238-8178, or email me at soulnakedjanick@gmail.com


JoAnne Fleming

I wanted to talk with JoAnne about the successes she’s having since putting the strategies she’s learned to work in her life and I also wanted to find out more about how she’s applied what she’s learned from The Best MasterMind Ever coaching Program

JoAnne Fleming is the Visionary Founder of Environmental Insights, exciting Canadians about the power of sustainable choices to transform society. With passionate insightful keynotes, workshops,and writings, JoAnne’s goal is to  disrupt your thinking and change how you see your choices so you want to make more conscious choices with a conscience.   She is passionate about exploding the Consumer Creation Myth and making people much more aware of the interconnections of all living things. She says:  “The take, make, waste consumer model is destroying our children’s future.”

You can listen to our interview here: Spotlight on JoAnne Fleming

For those who want to learn more about JoAnne Fleming and Environmental Insights, visit her website at http://www.environmentalinsights.com or call her at 705-446-4514

And, if you’d like to find out more about the Open Heart Soulutions’ coaching programs, and see if you qualify for a free session with me, visit Janick’s “About” page, call me at 226-238-8178 or email me at soulnakedjanick@gmail.com

Testimonial Grazia Acanfora-page-001

Testimonail Foster-page-001

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standing ovationTerrific!
Natalia V says: Janick was warm, attentive, and intuitive. The session was very helpful in numerous ways. She led me through a process that helped me realize how far I have come and brought back my enthusiasm to continue on my journey. She also helped me realize how I am being guided always. The session was fabulous!
Wonderfully blessed!
Robyn T says: I was able to take Janick’s workshop she offered for Infinite Possibilities and I found it inspirational and motivating to make the needed changes in my life. It provided me with tools to explore how and where I can make these changes. Janick’s openness, honesty, and warm approach has encouraged me to follow my dreams, see my unique strengths and never give up. I also had the unique experience of having a Angel Card Reading with Janick and was moved to tears by the messages she provided. I have come to realize how wonderfully blessed and supported I am everyday. Her continued support afterwards demonstrates her commitment to the success of her clients
You’re a blessing!
Jennifer L. M says: That [session] was beautiful! I am so excited right now. Your energy is so bright and it is very well received! I would be very, very grateful to have another session with you! […] I am all smiles and am feeling like myself again. I have my spark back! Thank you for taking this path into being a coach. You’re a blessing! Lots of love to you. […]
My first session
Shirin D says: I benefited from the session and she was very informative and professional. She is caring and a great listener.
Beautiful Intuitive Session
Andy L says: Janick has a lovely approach to coaching which is the hybrid of her broad range of experience. In 3 beautiful sessions she has made a real impact on my life and has facilitated some crucial changes for the better. Janick is wonderfully calm and her questions have incredible insight and come from a deeply intuitive place. Thank you for allowing me to work with you Janick!
Amazing sessions!!
Teresa S says: There is no words to describe how amazing I feel when I work with Janick,her light,love ,compassion and honesty is beyond words… with her awareness and intuition she help me get over some old limiting beliefs and fears,and gave me the strength and encouragement to get out of my comfort zone,be the best I can be and shine my own light. Janick is an Angel in my life, and I believe she will make a difference in everyone else’s lives that she touches. I feel very honor and blessed to have come across her path. I truly feel that Coaching is not just her vocation it truly is her highest call. Thank you Janick for all that you do,for dedicating your life to give light and love to others,You are a beautiful soul and I truly honor you.
Karen S says: Janick’s smile, compassion and empathy are evident in each interaction. I experienced four Law of Attraction coaching sessions and a bonus Inner Peace Meditation with Janick, and was consistently struck by how thoughtful a listener she is. I truly believe that she is able to offer guidance as a Coach and processes that work because she is such an amazing, non-judgmental listener. She operates with her heart and her intuition, coming from a place of purity and peace. As a client you cannot help but be uplifted after spending time with her. Each session was a growth and learning experience that allowed me to reach a higher vibrationary level and really attract what I want in my life. I am very grateful for the LOA Coaching and especially Janick.
Deeply touched my soul
Zeynep G says: First of all I am truly honored to have met Janick. It has proven one more time there is a reason why we meet whoever we meet, whatever we face. I met Janick at a very special 4 days event, called Awesomeness Festival. Several times during these 4 days we bumped into each other but we did not talk about our abilities. The day Janick was going to leave, I saw her reading angel cards for one of our friends in the morning. I asked her with little hope if there was time and if she was not tired, would she be able to read my angel cards too. She was so kind to tell “yes”. During the session I was amazed how good she is, “she touched into my soul deeply and made me realized what I was not aware of one of my reality, after session I was in happy tears, what a relief ” Thank you so much Janick, you are such a gifted person with big heart and I am truly grateful what you said to me.”
Dear One…
Judy W says: Thanks so much for being the spirit you are. Although it was brief, your ability to connect with me through your eyes, heart and energy was so lovely. Intangible, yet tangible all at once. The card you pulled was so interesting I captured it through a photo and look forward to the awareness I now have to see it’s message unfold. xxoo
Grateful for a new beginning
Rose B says: Even over the phone Janick’s smile, warmth and love surrounds me like a mantel during our sessions! She’s easy to open up with, feel safe with and puts things in simple, uncomplicated terms. I grateful to her for giving me a new beginning, helping me see new ideas, and giving me the tools I need to plant new seeds. I can’t wait to receive my bumper crop! Janick— you’re truly amazing and a blessing!
Using the Power of Words to Manifest
JoAnne F says: I had 4 amazing sessions with Janick. She is a VERY intuitive Coach, who listens carefully, meets you where you are, and offers the perfect tools you need at the moment, to leap towards your goals. I have read other manifesting books. For the first time I finally ‘get it’ thanks to Janicks’ skillful Coaching. Becoming much more aware of how words make me feel has been an enlightening and empowering journey towards manifesting The Law of Attraction.
After 2 coaching sessions
Jennifer M says: Janick’s energy is one of a kind! I absolutely LOVE her coaching sessions. I was a bit nervous to open up to her but she made me feel so at ease and effortlessly helped me find my way from a challenging situation I was having. After just one session with her my.while perspective changed! As I’ve told her before, it feels like I’m being hugged during the whole session! So much had happened to me after having 2 sessions with Janick. I am forever grateful for this beautiful soul. Forever inspiring me! 😀
Loved It !
Lynn J says: Janick is a beautiful soul and a gifted coach! I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to be empowered and inspired to reach there personal and professional goals. I am looking forward to our next session together as well as an angel reading. Janick is a powerful manifestor and uplifter to the core of her being.
Loving and Grounded
Jodi H says: Janick is incredible. She radiates love and her intuition helps to steer the sessions to exactly what is needed in that moment. Janick is a great listener and guide, providing a loving and safe space to work out any issues or challenges. I highly recommend her coaching sessions!
My first Session
Steven Z says: Amazing, productive and engaging, I am already seeing the benefits and chances after just one session and that was yesterday, Can’t wait for next week.
Celebrate the Unexpected
apryl c says: I wasn’t sure what to expect going into the meeting. She guided me to clarity and focus. and I learned a few things alone the way. It was amazing.
Coaching Session with Janick
Kim S says: I had a great session with Janick. The time flew by effortlessly. Janick has a wonderful Lightness of Being and it radiates through her voice.She helped me connect with a challenge I had been having and “get it” on a deeper level than I had ever done before and it has made a difference in my state of being. I am really looking forward to watching this unfold and connecting with Janick again next week.

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