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Forgive me Father for I have orgasmed.

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Forgive me Father, for I have orgasmed.

Warnings and disclaimers –

  • The content of this post may be offensive for some.   It also may have some triggers for someone who has been sexually abused. Please use caution in reading this post if you are in a fragile place.
  • The following words are mine. I don’t pretend to state that this is the Ultimate Truth, but it is my truth in the “here & now”, and in my pursuit of living authentically, I will own my voice and my opinions and come clean with where I stand today, with regards to my experience as a victim of sexual abuse as a child, and the ultimate betrayal of my body.
  • Although raised Catholic, I no longer adhere to any religion. I am a spiritual person who is not religious.
  • This post is absolutely not grammatically correct!!!

In the last few years, I have “come out” from a few “closets”. I am a healer. I am an Angel Card reader. I am an Intuitive Artist. I am a “rehabilitated” corporate software trainer. I am an ordained Minister. I am pro gay marriage. I am anti-vaccines. The list just goes on and on.

Today’s blog, however, might be one of my biggest “coming out” ever. It frustrates me and annoys me how much it bothers me that the subject of this article bothers me … (if that makes any sense?)

“Forgive them Father, for they do not know what they have done.”

It is no secret that as a young teenage girl, I was sexually abused by my step-father from the tender age of 12 until I left, at the age of 17. I struggled my share of trauma and screw up moments stemming from that period of my life, and over the years, I have adeptly managed to make peace with the abuser, and all other abusers that came after the step-dad.

As a matter of a fact, I have become an expert at forgiving them. Even being grateful for them, for I wouldn’t be who I am today would I have not gone through all that I went through. Furthermore, I can genuinely say that the Divine in me sees the Divine in them, and from that Divinity within all, arises Unconditional Love for them.

For them. The abusers. The betrayers. The offenders. The wrongdoers. The ones in need of redemption. The poor lost souls seeking Love and Light. With my forgiveness, I have delivered them from sin. I have helped them.

It appears that’s where I got stuck along the way. Them. I invested so much time and energy in “them” that the abused little girl’s violation faded away, for the imperative need to forgive “them”.

Somewhere deep and dark within me has been hiding an abandoned teenage girl, cloaked in shame, disgust, guilt, confusion and humiliation. After too many years of uneasy coexistence with the adult-me, she was forced to abdicate and play dead. I categorized her as MIA, and she has a white cross somewhere in the cemetery of my mind.

Military cemetery with concrete white crosses 0812_06
© Roman Milert | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Except she was never buried.   A white cross without a dead body. Imagine that. Except she wasn’t dead. This young girl in me is not dead. She exists. I exist. She is alive and kicking and fucking confused. Are you kidding me? I am 46 and I am confused. How can she not be confused?

When that man violated her for the very first time – she couldn’t make sense of what the heck was happening. Everything within her was screaming “get off me” and yet, this man that she had learned to trust and love, was doing things to her that her young teenage body was reacting to. She instantly felt shame and disgust and escaped his perverted hands for a moment. He quickly went at it again, and to this day, I can still hear his repulsive voice: “Don’t pretend you’re not enjoying this. Look at how wet you are.” What the hell is going on. I am wet. I am gross. He is gross. This is gross. Leave me alone. Run away. Run, run Janick. But I didn’t run. I froze. I let him do whatever he wanted with me, to me, over me. I learned very quickly to keep quiet. To play roles. To dissociate from my body. From this body that was clearly dishonoring me. Betraying me.

Something was surely wrong with me for my body responded to his sickening sexual stimuli. If my body responded, I must have wanted it. But how could I want this? What was wrong with me? Yes. What was wrong with me for enduring this abuse on a daily basis for the next five years. I am now learning that nothing was wrong with me. The body responds to stimuli.

“Human beings are born into the world wired to respond to sexual contact. Baby boys often get erections during a diaper change, even without any unnecessary contact involved in the cleaning process. Young children frequently touch their “private” areas, not to achieve orgasm like post-pubescent people do but just because it feels good.

When a child’s body is stimulated through sexual contact, it will sometimes react to that stimulation by having an orgasm. This does not mean that the sexual contact was welcome.

The child’s reaction to having a “good” feeling in the midst of bad feelings can be very confusing to the child. The child does not feel the same sense of pleasure and relaxation afterward as an adult does after consensual sex. Instead, the child is left with conflicting emotions. Some people wind up hating their own bodies for betraying them by reacting to sexual abuse with an orgasm.”

– source: Orgasm during Rape or Other Form of Sexual Abuse, May 8, 2008 by faithallen,  https://faithallen.wordpress.com/2008/05/08/orgasm-during-rape-or-other-form-of-sexual-abuse/

I feel for me. I feel for my 12-year old teenage self. For my 15-year old. For my 17-year old. I feel sadness. I feel grief. I feel pain. I feel anger. I feel rage. I feel tenderness and love. I want to run to her and grab her and tell her: There’s nothing wrong with you. It wasn’t your fault. I know you didn’t want this. I know you were lost and confused. You are not a disgrace. You are not a reject. You are not crazy. You don’t have the plague.

After all, I have forgiven him. Along with everyone else. My parents, my neighbors, my teachers, my schoolmates, society. “Forgive them, Father.” Janick, you get an “A+” on forgiving others.

Now how about forgiving yourself? How about forgiving myself? How about forgiving me. Yes, how about that.

I feel like one of those matryoshka dolls. You know those wooden Russian nesting dolls, decreasing in size and placed one inside the other? I feel like I deliberately removed the version representing my teenage self, all along pretending she was not missing and that I remained whole.


© Andrei Mihalcea | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Yes, I am fully capable of loving myself even if a part of me is missing. For when I look at my matryoshka doll from the outside, I seem complete. Nonetheless, a part of me is missing, and today, on this Easter Sunday, I am bringing back my little girl. I am honoring her. I am “coming out” and letting the world know the unspeakable: My body orgasmed under the hands of my abuser. No, I didn’t want it. Despite what many thought, and said. Despite what I thought and felt.

I find it interesting that for the last few years, I’ve been struggling intensely with “being seen”, mostly with my career, but also in my personal life, with friends, contacts, loved ones. I failed to realise that until I embrace ALL of me, until I am willing to see, hear, feel ALL of me, I wasn’t enabling me to be seen at all.

A few weeks ago, I uncovered a short but life-altering moment that happened when I was in college, almost 30 years ago. Someone who I thought was a girl-friend (I didn’t know what a “friend” was), told me one sentence that impacted me beyond words in a very insidious way. I had my first crush. This guy was awesome. Gorgeous. Bright. Kind. Funny. Independent. My oh my I was falling hard for him. I talked about him constantly, until that dreadful moment that affirmed how odious I had been all those years. How disgusting I was. How much of a plague I was.

That friend casually blurted out to me: “Get over him, Janick. He will never go out with you. No one will ever go out with you. No one will ever kiss you or touch you. Everyone knows what you did in high school. You slept with your step-dad. That is disgusting.”

Voices inside my head were shouting all sorts of different things:

“Are you serious? I did not DO that, he did.”

“OMG JANICK. Everybody knows.”

“You are disgusting Janick.”

“He was right. You wanted this.”

“Go. Run. Hide. Forever. Run away, never come back.”

“There’s nowhere to hide. Everyone knows. Even “him” knows. Might as well kill yourself.”

“Carry on – don’t let anyone know you are hurt.”

“Remember: if you feel, you die.”

“You want to die.”

“You don’t want to die.”

“You’re exhausted. You’re confused. You’re sad. You’re lost. You’re all alone.”

“Don’t ever let anyone know what you’ve done. If they know, they’ll reject you. They’ll abandon you.” “You are gross, filthy and disgusting. No one will ever love you.”

“Carry on. You’re strong.”

“Forgive her. She doesn’t know what she is saying.”
I have been all alone for many, many years. Even in a crowd full of people, I’ve felt alone.

Later on in life, I have made a few friends. I even found a man who says he loves me. After 13 years, he still loves me. Shows me he loves me. Yet, I have often heard myself say “That’s because you don’t really know me. If you’d really know me, you wouldn’t love me. You would leave me.” My friends and husband and children have often been shocked with that statement, asking me why was I saying that, what did I mean. I was clueless. I always found myself speechless and without a logical explanation. I just had this strong urge to let them know that they didn’t really know me.

Now I know. I’ve found the explanation and the words. I didn’t want them to know how ashamed I was for having had orgasms from sexual intercourse with my step-dad. I didn’t want them to know how disgusting I had been. How disgusting and filthy I felt from 5 years of daily sexual abuse.

Being a good, forgiving person doesn’t mean that I have to forget the hurt that I’ve been through. I didn’t deserve any of it. It was wrong. I was violated in one of the worst way a woman, a young girl can be violated.

My body is sacred. My temple. My sanctuary. It was sullied and dishonored.

Sadly, in the process, it looks like I abandoned myself too. By silencing the teenage girl in pain, covered in shame.

Today, I come clean. This is me. All of me. I am willing to be seen. I am speaking the unspeakable. No more shame. No more taboo. I embrace my teenager-self. I love her. I embrace her. I tell her there’s nothing to forgive her – she hasn’t done anything wrong. Today, I take her in my arms and comfort her. I let her cry. I dry her tears with love and compassion and tenderness. Today, she is born again. Today, I am born again.

Leave if you must. I don’t care. I won’t feel abandoned or rejected, for I now have myself, I am here for me. I may have abandoned her before, today, I stand tall and strong and whole.

I exist. I am worthy. I am Divine. My body might have been violated, but I am not a violation of life. My body, my sanctuary might have been sullied before, but I am crying for it them, allowing my tears to cleanse it, carrying away the shame and guilt and replenishing it with love, care, and tenderness.

I am Janick Lemieux. I own my past. You can see me. Here I am am. Soul-Naked. Authentic. Worthy. Alive and kicking.

For all of you who may, as a victim of sexual abuse, have felt disgust, shame, guilt, humiliation, and the list goes on, I want to reach out to your forgotten inner child and take them in my arms with love and care and attention and respect, and honor… You are normal. It wasn’t your fault. You are worthy of Love. You don’t need to suffer alone.

Let’s remember the children of abuse. Let’s remember their pain and their wars.

sending waves and waves of Love, Compassion and Light, always,

from my naked soul to yours,

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Certified Life Coach, Intuitive Artist & Energy Healer
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Is your glass half full or half empty?Read this post to find out how I see my glass!

Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change… Who are you today? 

The victim or the conqueror? 

The defeated or the resilient? 

Or you the bad lucky one or the master of your destiny? 

Is you glass half full or half empty? 

Mine, by the way, is always 100% full … I choose to see what fills it… water?  H2o?  other substances? 🙂 Janick


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Admit it.


Admit it.

We’ve all done it at one point or another in our lives.

Blame others for our misfortunes. Blame society for our circumstances.
Blame loved ones for our hurt, our pain, our sadness, our anger.
Blame our boss or colleagues for not getting that raise or promotion.

Blame anybody else and everything else BUT ourselves.

But when was the last time you took full responsibility for YOUR life?

Do you not SEE that no one and nothing has any power or control over you? And that if you believe they do, it is an illusion, and a construction from your imagination in order to justify how you are not taking responsibility for your life?

It’s not your boss.
It’s not your ex.
It’s not your spouse.
It’s not your parents.
It’s not your teacher.
It’s not your friend.
It’s not your neighbor.
It’s not the government.
It’s not faith/karma/destiny/bad luck.
It’s not God/Universe/Allah/Jehovah/Spirit/Evil/etc

It’s YOU.

“All growth is from within. This is evident in all nature. Every plant, every animal, every human is a living testimony to this great law, and the error of the ages is in looking for strength or power from without.”
~ The Master Key System, by Charles F. Haanel.

Stand in your power.
Take full responsibility for your life.
Transform your life.
Face the fears that are holding you back from living authentically.
Absolutely choose your life.

And ask yourself those two questions:

“Who would you be if you truly believed that it is within you to be all that you can be?”

“Why are you holding back?”

When and if you’re ready to answer these two questions with courage, vulnerability, humility, and honesty, get in touch with me. I’ll hold your hand all the way, help you shed some light on what’s going on, i’ll guide you and support you and provide you with tools that will ignite the fire within you to live the life that you choose.

From my soul to yours,

with Love, Joy and Peace always,

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Energy Shifter, Intuitive Artist & Love Guru
Certified Law of Attraction Coach
Infinite Possibilities Trailblazer Trainer
Certified Angel Card Reader
Reiki Master and Teacher


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Animal Distant Reiki – Cat, Dog, Horse, Birds, all pets & animals

Man with a crystal balla1janick and the deer

a1forestjumping   a1babybear a1brutus

Also sometimes referred to as “energy healing”, Reiki is gentle and non-invasive energy modality.  Animals respond really well to Reiki as they openly and willingly allow the flow of energy. 

booknow bookfresh

Reiki is often known as a form of hands-on treatment with the practitioner laying hands over the receiver’s body, whether it be a human or an animal.

However, Reiki works across time and space and there are no barriers or boundaries for Reiki. I am able to channel Reiki energies to anyone, or anything simultaneously across the world by using the skills, sacred symbols and mantras transferred to me by my Reiki Teacher during my Reiki training and attunements received since 1995.

I assure you that Reiki Distance Healing is just as effective as hands-on treatments, often with instant benefits.

Furthermore, I do not need to know the “receiver” personally or have ever met him in order to send Reiki to him. I do, however, need to know certain basic information about the person, animal or ‘event’ that I am to direct Reiki to, and that is sufficient for Reiki to work. Reiki has a sort of sixth sense and knows where it is needed most.

Unlike humans, animals have no preconceived ideas of “energy” and are without “ego”.  They welcome unconditional Love just as they offer it. 

Animals are remarkably in tune with their own health and energy needs.

Animals, just like we do,  manifest “dis-ease” as a way of handling emotions they cannot otherwise release. They feel and experience the same emotions that humans do, but they do not have the same levels of understanding and control of their lives as humans do. Therefore, pets have increased frustration a1blackbearand fear.  A pet that is particularly bonded to her person may not be strong enough to transform it.

Reiki is beneficial to help alleviate physical pains and/or illness(es) and emotional, behavioral, and/or mental conditions.

If your pet is ill, Reiki is a safe complement to traditional veterinary treatment. For example, it can ease discomfort of chemotherapy treatment or medicinal side effects.

If your pet is healthy, Reiki helps to maintain wellness, a sense of contentment, and supports behavioral mindfulness.

If your pet is “transitioning” to the other side, Reiki is a powerful yet gentle way  to provide comfort, relief from pain, fear, and anxiety, and to ease the transition to death.

It will also comfort and soothe the loved ones as they prepare to let go of their loved family member.a1seaturtle

$80/distant Reiki session.

I will ask you for a picture of your pet, and at a time that we both agree on, I will send your beloved pet some loving, healing Reiki energy for approximately 40 minutes. I work from my home office, which is more like a haven than an office. It is a sacred place where I paint, meditate, coach clients, do Reiki sessions, angel cards readings, etc. So when I will send Reiki to your pet, I will be in a very sacred space, both physically and spiritually, and your pet’s soul and mine will connect automatically and easily.

Email me or book directly here:

booknow bookfresh

All pictures attached are mine, and I have been that close to all of them.  All three dogs are rescued dogs.  Forest (in snow) was found unable to walk as we believe he had been restrained for the first three months of his life.a1racoon and forest
I was blessed to a once in a lifetime chance to see a sea turtle in Dominica as she was laying her eggs.
The racoon wanted to play with Forest, as he obviously could feel the wonderful loving vibrations around us.

My name is Janick Lemieux and I am a trusted Usui Reiki Master and Teacher practicing Reiki since 1995 and teaching it since 1998.  Married with five children, Janick has applied Reiki in myriad
of situations in her life, including with her 3 rescued dogs:  Bear, Brutus and Forest.

booknow bookfresh