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Stuck? Want more? Need more? The Best MasterMind Ever is here for you!

Lights of the Soul

“I am open to the guidance of synchronicity and do not let expectations hinder my path.”

~ Dalai Lama

I’m really excited to announce that I am launching The Best MasterMind Ever!

All I can say is be excited! Be very, very excited! If you choose to join me, you will embark on an amazing and fantastic journey!

I know I AM excited!

I love coaching and my clients love working with me (don’t believe me!  Read it here!

I would love to coach YOU!

I’d love to inspire you, motivate you, lead you to your own inner guidance, and witness the amazing transformations in your life.

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“It all begins with a moment of wide-eyed wonder, a spirit of stepping into something new and glorious, a spirit of being a partner in a grand miracle!”

~ Chief Dan Evehema, Hopi Elder

I offer all sorts of modalities, from single, individual sessions at $275/session to VIP days at $7,500/day!  I mean, if you really wanted to, you could have my ultimate devotion for $60k/year! Coaching, meditation, Reiki, unlimited support in form of emails and phone calls, etc…

But let’s face it. Not everybody can afford that.

Does it mean I don’t want to be there for you? NO! I WANT to be there for YOU, and for everyone else who is serious about improving their lives but don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a coach.

So the coaching mastermind group called The Best MasterMind Ever. “The Best” because “Lemieux” literally translates to “The Best” in English!

This mastermind will include 45 weeks of 1 hour group coaching session.

  • Each session will be live and interactive, and you will be able to ask any and every question you want.
  • You can bring any situation to the call, it will be addressed
  • If you can’t make it to the call… No worries! Every call will be recorded and sent to you for you to listen to whenever you want or need to
  • You can also send your questions in an email prior to the live call an I will address your question whether you’re on the call or not.

I will:

  • teach you the 7 essential  laws and various processes to use with them
    1. Law of Attraction
    2. Law of Deliberate  Creation
    3. Law of Allowing
    4. Law of Sufficiency and Abundance
    5. Law of Pure Potentiality
    6. Law of Detachment
    7. Law of Polarity
  • lead your through meditations (intuition, self-confidence, meet your guides, inner sanctuary, healing, peace, detachment, etc)
  • get some angel guidance as well (Doreen Virtue, Osho, Colette Baron-Reid are only a few of my spiritual teachers)
  • Use sacred Reiki techniques to clear blockages and transmute energy
  • Assist you in getting rid of your emotional/spiritual/energetical “junk”
  • Guide you towards your goal, reach them, surpass them, and define new ones
  • and so much more…

Some of the topics within the sessions will include (but not limited to):

Bewilderment, laughter, feeling of belonging, power of purification, depression, hope,

freedom; positive self-image, strong self-confidence, self-love and love of humanity,

gratitude, forgiveness, grief, and so many others.

 Occasionally, I will invite a guest speaker to expose you to different styles, teachings, and techniques out there.

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 I have ever more great news for you!  Keep on reading!

The reason I love my mastermind group program is because experiencing the power and energy of a group along with the momentum it creates is magical.

Seeing groups of people stretch themselves to grow and expand and getting the strong results is more rewarding than I can tell you.

For many of us, the work we’re doing to accomplish real results, takes a significant amount of time, including up to a year.

Obviously, a yearlong program is for people who are serious and committed.  They are committing to their happiness and to their success.  A year’s worth of “doing work to be successful and happy” is worth the investment of time and money.

Stop for a moment and reflect on the various aspects of your life.  What is truly important to you?  Are you as happy or as satisfied as can be with all those areas, or do you feel like you’re stuck and want to break free?

Are there difficult decisions and changes you need to make in your life? Do you need to increase your confidence or motivation to do things? Do you desire a more peaceful, stress-free and positive life?

Imagine!  You could be working with your very own champion in a group that supports you to achieve your life dreams and professional goals.

The time to act is now so take that small, first step to change your life and get where you want to be.

Whether you want to improve your family life, relationships, career, or spiritual path, whether you want to find your soul mate, lose weight, make more money, or make a career change.  Most real results on any subject come from a lifestyle, behavior and thought change.

That takes time to learn and implement.

The power of a group program can be the power of the group dynamic.   The law of attraction is always in action, and all members of the group will have “summoned” each other in The Best MasterMind Ever coaching group.

Within YOUR group, there will be extra support so you never feel isolated.  There may be “perceived” competition, but I don’t believe in competition.  I believe in the Law of Sufficiency and Abundance.

It is always motivating to be around people who are working on the same issues and getting results. As you know, one great success story can be the catalyst for a chain of breakthroughs and transformations.

So once you join the group, be sure to share successes when they happen!

The group dynamic also serves to generate ideas and inspirations, and as a circle in which energy from many people is focused on a larger goal, or set of goals.  A group of people on the same vibrational level that are all dedicated to their own growth is always going to be larger than the sum of its parts.

 For YOU, (yes, you!)

  • because you are on this page now,
  • because I believe in divine synchronicity, and
  • because I know how committed you are to your well-being and soul’s calling,

 I am offering The Best Ever MasterMind at an amazing price.

 Register now for $1497. That’s right! $1497. That is almost 40 bonus sessions!

 Do the math!  $275/session * 45 sessions = $12,375.  You are saving over $10k!!!!

 What do you say?

Considering that the investment to have me as your coach for 4 sessions is $1,000, this is a real awesome deal, wouldn’t you agree?

Should we do this together?

booknow bookfresh

 I have so much to teach you and share with you!

 I am so excited to take you to new heights and can’t wait to see where this will take us!

Click here to join The Best Mastermind Ever” and it will take you to my Bookfresh page to register now and begin your year long journey with me!

Not sure if the mastermind is a fit for you? Just email me and you and I will connect by phone or skype and get your questions answered.

In the meantime, have an amazing day!

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What if we were all just walking each other home


When I ask questions out into the Universe, I am the inquisitive child begging to know more. I sit at the edge of the thought, peering out in to the darkness looking for answers and a light to guide me.

In the silence, I wait and just when I don’t think I can wait any longer, I realize it is the same voice I asked that responds. It’s my higher-self that knows.

Who am I?

I realize this question is flawed because there is an “I” asking. It’s my Ego. I revisit the sentiment with “Who is “I” ?” and my body reacts with shivers that are pleasing.

If I’m asking these questions, then maybe you are too. The energy that lives in me, that makes me alive, is the exact same energy that makes the miracle of you. You breathe the same air that I breathe. Your blood, even though our DNA is different, has the same life force as mine.

So, who or what is this power and this source that brings us life?

It feels as if we received a VIP invitation for a journey on Earth, explaining that Earth is like an island in Heaven. Many forget that Earth is one of the most WONDERfull places IN Heaven.

Our response was pure delight, “Oh my word! Yes!” Then we asked, “but what will we do on Earth?”
“You get to experience all the wonders that BEing human entails.” said the Universe.

Our reaction contained the same enthusiasm; “You mean we’ll get to know what it’s like to feel anger and sadness, and joy and happiness, and to be hurt and to be vulnerable? And, and, and…!!!”

“Yes! You can choose any experience you want, and as many as you want!” the Universe replied with a twinkle in its “eye”.

“Yes, we want to!”

And so, we agreed.

But before we were on board completely there was a “disclaimer” we needed to agree to: “You may forget that Earth is IN Heaven and that you are Love.”

Confused and uncertain, we investigated further, “Well. We don’t want that.”

“Be at peace”, the Universe promptly added. “Everyone on Earth are all from Heaven too so you will all be there to remind each other that you are still in Heaven and that you are Love.”

“But what if we all forget?” we further enquired.

The Universe held us close and soothed our concerns, “Then you have to have faith and there will be a spark somewhere or in someone that will help you to remember.”

“Will you BE there for me?”

“Yes, I will BE there for you. Even when you feel you are in the eye of the tornado of chaos, or when it is the darkest of the night, I promise I will always see your Light.”

The Universe smiled and we agreed, but before we were born there was but one more piece of information we needed to know.

“There is a dress code to wear on Earth, and it is a human body. Once again, you may forget that you are a soul and not a body, but it will be up to you to let your soul shine through your body.”

And so we came here fully aware that we would forget at times. We came here with the understanding that we have each other in order to comfort, care and understand. We agreed to support one another along our journey. We knew we would forget that we are light and Love, but we promised to help one another remember who we are.

Do you remember? I need you to remember who I really am because if you forget who I am, than I will forget who I am as well and we’ll both be lost.

So here we are. The time is now. The date is today.

I promised I would not let you forget. I assure you, I see your Light, and I feel your Love.

Ps: I Love you.

from my soul-naked soul to yours,

Janick Lemieux,
Wholehearted gratitude to Andrea Currie for her editing skills.