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Who do you need to forgive today?

IMG_1408The answer scares me.

Our dog Forest lies on the floor beside me. His furry white paws lightly brush against the legs of my desk chair. I watch him as a #serene #smile stretches across his snout.

Forest under desk

Today, I desire his peace.

I sink into my keyboard and let go, I fall into the question. Who do I need to #forgive #today? I am #alone in my office, my husband is in his workroom and my children are downstairs in their rooms. I look around my space and I let myself feel the #safety of these four walls and the door that is carefully ajar. My fingers rest gingerly on the keyboard. I feel an ache start to surface. I #breathe, I am #safe.

Who do I need to forgive today?

I let my #tears fall naturally as hot lines drip down my cheeks. I weep silently until I hear an echo that is released from the cage in my chest. My cries collect in the tissues that I throw one by one onto the floor, their #judgment soaks into the fibers of the carpet. Do you know what that was? I hear a whisper I trust. That was everything that wasn’t serving you. Look how beautiful you are.

I sit up in my chair and I breathe in #Life, count to three, and I breathe out #Love. I breathe in Love, count to three, and I breathe out Light. I compose myself. I am ready. I am ready to forgive myself.
The French saying is: “Manquements d’amour

This is one of those French expressions where it cannot be translated but the words I find close to accompany them in English are “moments when you lack of love towards others or thyself.”

I forgive myself for all the times I have failed to love myself. I forgive myself for all the times I have failed to love those around me.

The moments I #fail to #love are the times when I don’t #express love even though I know I should, but for some reason I don’t do it. Either because I’m #hurt, #scared, #overwhelmed or #sad, I know I am not coming from a heart-centered place and so I lash out on the people around me, especially my loved ones. My friends, children, husband, our dog; even strangers who agreed to show up in my life.

I find it difficult to love myself after these moments as I find it difficult to find peace within myself, because I didn’t seize the opportunity that the divine had given me. The fact that I didn’t choose love at that particular moment makes me question my integrity.

How dare I refer to myself as “Janick Lemieux, the Unconditional Love Lover who chooses Love. Every time,” when I fail to love every time.

Today, I forgive myself.

Today, I choose love.

I am blessed enough to have the clarity to catch myself to honor my thought process and to nurture my love process. I see clearly today, I see where I have failed to choose love either in the moment, present or past; because right now and tomorrow, I choose love.

I vibrationally connect to the other souls as I recite the Ho’oponopono mantra “I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you and I thank you.”

I feel the peace with these words and I welcome its surrender.

I focus once more on my breath. Breathe in Light, breathe out Love. Breathe in Love, breathe out light.

A remarkable cycle.

Today, I chose Love. I forgave myself for my “manquements d’amour”.

Who do you need to forgive today?


From my soul to yours,

with Love, Joy and Peace always,

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