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Collingwood Downtown BIA Election

bia Janick Lemieux Candidate Statement-page-001

To all Collingwood Downtown Business Improvement Area’s members,

I am seeking your help in with my nomination to the BIA Board of Directors.

As one of the newest member of Georgian Triangle BNI and The Tremont and Simcoe Street, your support is vital in ensuring that I can represent what YOU – THE MEMBERS – want, and that WE have a voice on the BIA’s Board.

Here is a cut&paste from the BIA’s website about the election process:

The election is being conducted by mail in ballot. Please follow the directions included in the package. The voting package includes a declaration to be signed affirming the member’s eligibility to vote, as well as a ballot listing the candidates which is to be inserted into the secrecy envelope (provided) after completed. You may vote for up to eight (8) candidates.

Once completed, the signed declaration, along with the secrecy envelope is to be inserted into the addressed, stamped envelope (provided), and returned by mail or in person to the Business Development Centre, 105 Hurontario Street, Collingwood. Ballots must be received by 4:00 p.m. on February 25, 2015. Ballots received after this deadline will not be counted.  Ballot packages will be opened daily by the BIA Manager (or designate) with the secrecy ballot envelopes separated from the declarations and placed in a ballot box until February 25th. The declarations will be used to maintain an up-to-date list of those who have voted. The secrecy and confidentiality of the individual votes is paramount.

At 10:00 a.m. on February 26, 2015, the sealed envelopes will be opened by the Municipal Clerk (or designate) and the BIA General Manager (or designate). The ballots will be counted manually and eligible voting members of the BIA will be permitted to witness the opening and recording of the ballots in the Board Room of the Business Development Centre, 105 Hurontario Street.
I submitted my “campaign” material to Sue today and it will be posted as of tomorrow.  I am attaching the pdf here for your consideration and for you to share, share and share.

Thank you for taking the time to encourage me, spread the word, and vote for me.  I look forward representing the Collingwood Downtown BIA’s members and being your voice.

I look forward to your support,

Most sincerely,

From my soul to yours,

with Love, Joy and Gratitude always,

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The Tremont Annex
79 Simcoe street
Collingwood, Ontario

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