Referral contest – win $1,000!

WIN a Soul-Naked with Janick membership (valued at $3,000)
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soul-naked with Janick


Here’s how YOU can win this simple referral contest where everyone is a winner

Over the next 30+ days, from now until February 29th, 2016, simply talk, connect and share your experience of working with me with the friends, fans and colleagues YOU know that can benefit from teaming up with me for private and/or group coaching, of any and all of the results you have experienced from our work together.  ( I’ve made it really easy for you to share with a sample email, see below)

Not sure where to start?
Here is some help to explain the results you’ve experienced with me, and please feel free to describe your own experience.

1- Visit my testimonial page and/or invite them to do the same:

2- Here’s a partial list of typical results my clients get:
(find more here:

  • Align your thoughts – Emotions – Self – and Soul;
  • Witness your outer world transform;
  • Improve your love life;
  • Improve your health;
  • Successfully transition from employed to self-employed;
  • Increase your bank account balance;
  • Manifest your vision by getting in touch with it, defining it, owning it, and embodying it.
  • Express yourself with ease, confidence, and clarity;
    change your mindset to find the gifts/lessons/growth and healing opportunities in all;
  • Feel the “Oneness”;
  • Feel and Know that you are always divinely guided;
  • Learn to trust and love;
  • Replace negative thought patterns with positive ones;
  • Stop beating yourself up and feel powerless;
  • Halt the inner-critic, perfectionist, and procrastinator
  • Keep your internal dialogue in check;
  • Gain confidence;
  • Expand your awareness of wealth and abundance;
  • KNOW who YOU truly ARE and ROCK it.

The person who sends the most business my way that converts into SALES wins 1st Prize.

1st Prize – Soul-Naked with Janick group coaching (6 months membership) (valued at $3,000)
OR  $1,000 gift card


With a gift card from amazon, you can buy what pleases your heart – to bring up your energy vibrations up to the next level!

Membership to Soul Naked with Janick can be redeemed once full payment for private or group coaching has been received from referred client.
Gift card : will be presented once full payment for private or group coaching has been received from referred client.

2nd Prize is a $750 gift card

With a gift card from amazon, you can buy what pleases your heart – to bring up your energy vibrations up to the next levels!

Gift card will be presented once full payment for private or group coaching has been received from referred client.

3rd Prize EVERYBODY is a winner!

Refer any client who joins my 6 months Soul-Naked with Janick coaching program or signs up for one of the limited spots for a VIP coaching package and receive $500 paid out in monthly instalments of $100/month as the payments come away 500

EVERYONE is a winner, everyone wins!

Here’s what to do next:

Talk about our experience!

Don’t decide for others and let them decide if they want to connect with me.

Send out an email to your contacts (see sample email below)

Sample Email ( you can edit this however you like or keep it as is – I want to make this as easy and simple for you to share as possible)

Subject: Connecting the dots…
Subject: MAGIC recipe living your life by design instead of by default
Subject: Did you know I got naked with this lady? (Soul-Naked that is…!)

Hi (insert name)

I’d love to introduce you to my life coach, Janick Lemieux from Open Heღrt Soulutions.

Janick is a passionate Transformational coach and a “Spirituitive” Healer & heARTist – she’s been invited on tv shows, invited as VIP guest speaker for events such as International Women’s Day for the Canadian Forces, is the author of the forthcoming book “Embracing the B*itch within the Goddess” and is the host of transformational retreats, both locally and internationally.

After working closely with her, I can tell you she’s genuine and authentic and a heck of a lot of fun too!

I can honestly say my life has improved since working with Janick, especially my confidence and let’s be honest, confidence affects EVERY aspect of our lives both personal and professional.

So I wanted to reach out and share my secret sauce with you – Janick is a catalyst that ignites people to own their power and shine out loud.

She’s giving away one of her “Release your Resistance to Money” webinar for FREE and I thought you might like it.

Janick’s work is a beautiful combination of spiritual yet very practical tools and a simple, effective system to help you get RESULTS.

If you’re ready to turn your pain into peace and start living your life by design, to gain more clarity and confidence in your life, and move through fearful emotions and limiting beliefs that are keeping you in that “live by default” mode, Janick can definitely help you!

She is opening up space in her calendar to connect with heart centred women who are really READY for a big breakthrough in their life, and I thought this could be you.

You can go ahead and schedule a time with her here: and choose Open Heart Coaching Breakthrough Session

[Your Signature]


PS: She only does this once or twice a year so take advantage of this rare opportunity, it’s a free call and it may just give you the confidence and clarity you need to get you to the next level ( like it was for me ). (PLUS get her “Release your Resistance to Money” webinar for FREE ($35 value)

PS2: Coaching comes from the world of sports and the arts where athletes and actors receive coaching so that their work will become EXTRAORDINARY instead of just okay .  Coaching gives clients a secret weapon, a competitive EDGE that their uncoached peers do not enjoy ; it takes people from good to great; it is not to heal the sick and wounded … it’s to help people reach their higher callings and UNLIVED LIVES that they are not living trapped in their own isolated self-critical ego.

. . .I could honestly go on for 1,000 pages on why coaching works and what it does and why it’s great and how UNLIKE therapy it really is ….