Prayer to Angels for vibrant health


Thank you, Angels,
for vibrant energy and health
that is permeating me,
right here, right now.
I delight in this well-being and
am blissfully grateful for it.
~ Janick Lemieux

When you pray for your health, be very vigilant with your words.

Remember that it’s always about the emotions you feel.

Your vibration must be in alignment with healing.

See if you can feel the difference and vibration between the featured prayer and these words:

“Please angels, deliver me from this pain (illness, headache, sickness, ailment, etc), as I can’t afford not to work because I really need the money… (or as I can’t bear to be dependent on others…, Or any other sort of negative sentence)”

Do you see, or more on point, do you feel the difference in your vibration with the choice of the words?

The Law of Attraction only responds to your vibration, and whatever you ask your angels, they will deliver it, that is a certainty. They will echo your vibrational demand.

Please feel free to contact me if you need to assistance choosing the right words, feeling the right vibration, and ensuring that you are getting what it is that you really want.

From my soul to yours,

with Love, Joy and Peace always,

Janick signature

Energy Shifter, Intuitive Artist & Love Guru
Certified Law of Attraction Coach
Infinite Possibilities Trailblazer Trainer
Certified Angel Card Reader
Reiki Master and Teacher

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