Prayer to Angels to face fears


Dear angels,

Please hold my hand when I feel threatened and paralyzed by fear.

When I feel discouraged, powerless, or like “I’m not enough”, please help me remember who I Divinely am.

Guide me to my inner strength to stand in my power and find the courage to keep on moving forward.

I now choose to show up in this world as the very best version of myself, fearless, strong, free, powerful, and authentic.

And so it is.

Thank You.

~ Janick Lemieux

Fear is one of the emotions that we, humans, experience from time to time.

It is a very human and normal emotion that can teach us a lot about ourselves.

The trick is to acknowledge it, accept it, and choose to move through it despite the nerves, despite the little voice that is scared within us, and despite our ego that doesn’t want us to move forward.

When you show unconditional love and compassion towards yourself, and give yourself permission to feel the fear, you might be surprised that you can move forward and accomplish great things simply by not avoiding the feelings that fear bring up in you.

If you need support and guidance in facing your fears, getting through your fears, and getting passed your fears in order to accomplish what you really want to do, please know that I am here for you.

Reaching out for help is a powerful first step in conquering your fears.

Call me or email me, let’s have a deep conversation, and let’s see where this might lead and potentially transform your life!

From my soul to yours,

with Love, Joy and Peace always,

Janick signature

Energy Shifter, Intuitive Artist & Love Guru
Certified Law of Attraction Coach
Infinite Possibilities Trailblazer Trainer
Certified Angel Card Reader
Reiki Master and Teacher

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3 thoughts on “Prayer to Angels to face fears

  1. MomentumMikey

    I am moving thru a job change that raised some fear in me, and today’s post of yours is EXACTLY what the doctor ordered. Thanks, know that YOU have affected a stranger’s life today in a positive and moving forward way – I appreciate you. thanks. 🙂 mikey


    1. Janick Lemieux ~ Open Heღrt Soulutions Post author

      Dear Mikey,

      First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to you for taking the time to let me know that I have affected your life today, in a positive way. You may not know this of me, but one of my goal is to touch at least 250,000 people’s life before 2025, to inspire them and ignite the fire in them to BE all that they are BORN to BE!

      Second about your job change: I am truly EXCITED for you! Wow! what a great chance you have to fully embrace your purpose, to live with passion, and to welcome new possibilities in your life! I just can not wait to see what the Universe (God/Divine/Spirit) has in store for you!

      I would strongly encourage you to get real clear on what it is that you want – and ask for it! and EXPECT to receive it!

      I would love it if you would keep me posted! I am sending you healing, loving, positive vibs!

      from my soul to yours,


      ps: please know that YOU have affected my life too, today! I, too, appreciate you! Have a blissful Thursday!

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      1. MomentumMikey

        thanks. I fully embrace my purpose and live with passion already; how I decide to bring in $ is always secondary. Great goal you have there. I’d love to see it come true. keep on rockin the positive vibes and helping the world we all are part of. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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