Can you feel a party in the air?  I sure can feel a party in the air!  I can also feel angels in the air and they are saying:

Lets’ have a party!!!!!

So I’m saying it too: “Let’s have a PARTY!”

Gather your friends/family members/neighbours/co-workers for card readings, and the card reading for yourself will be free!

We can hang out at your place, my place, or virtually hangout!!!!

What is an Angel Card reading and why I should have one? An Angel Card Reading can help you better understand various aspects of your life. With the help of the angels, you can look at past influences, present conditions, and future outcomes.

The angels are our constant companions, willing to guide us, if we are open. An Angel Card Reading is an excellent way to receive their message.

A minimum of 6 participants are required, up to a maximum of 10. Host receives a free angel card reading.

find out more here:

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