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Have you found your passion?

1p Happy find

As my fingers slowly and hesitantly start hitting keys on my keyboard for this very first blog post of mine, I notice they are shaking.  It’s very subtle, the shaking.  If you were here beside me, you’d probably not notice.  But I know.

As I check with my entire body, and with myself, I must face the truth.  I’m shaking all over.  Inside and out.  Yes.  I’m nervous.  I don’t really know how to “blog” and honestly, I have been avoiding it for years.

Avoidance can be quite sneaky if you let it.  For it will mislead you into thinking that it’s not avoidance at all.  You will listen to crap like:
“nah.  It’s not for me”

“I never really understood why people do this anyway”

“blah, I’d rather do something I want to do.”
“I want to follow my passion – not this.”

Then, in one moment, the truth stares you in the face.

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