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Relax nothing is under control!

nothing is under control

I posted two days ago “What happens when you think your last breaths are counted?”
In a true Soul-Naked moment, I would like to open my heart and soul to you.
Today, I choose to share with you my “Last Love Note to my Loved Ones”, allowing myself to be totally vulnerable, authentic and transparent.

To my love, Denis, my angel, Marie-Ann,
and my loved ones.
Something is wrong with the aircraft pressurization system.
No longer landing in Dominica, but in Antigua.
Burnt smell in the aircraft.
Not sure what is going on, but I am sure that I love you.
I’m very calm, and serene, although there are some intense emotions onboard.
I feel the presence of Lord Michael with me. I also invoked all guardian angels and archangels for a divine intervention.
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Houston we have a problem…

So! As promised yesterday, I will let you know what happened to me as I thought my last breaths were counted last night on a flight from Barbados to (Dominica) ending in Antigua.

Long story short, after boarding an hour delayed fight from Barbados destination Dominica, we were on our way until the aircraft experienced some major technical difficulties causing the pressurization system to fail, accompanied a few moments later by the smell of something burning.

We flew right over Dominica – straight to Antigua where supposedly it was safer to land – and if something was to go wrong – they would be better able to assist.
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What happens when you think your last breaths are counted?

I’ll let you know tomorrow, once I’m safe and sound in Dominica. For now, though, I’m grateful for Divine Intervention and to have landed somewhat safely – although it’s NOT where I had planned to land.
I am safe and thankful.
No cell & almost no batteries left for wi-fi connections.
I love my life!
Breathe in Love, breathe out Light. Repeat

Winds of change

momonday before after

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Guess who got naked tonight and shocked a room full of people?
Well me! Of course!
I got vulnerable and shed off one misidentification after another and got Soul-Naked!
For beyond the disabled body, there lived an amazing healthy human;…
Beyond the morbidly obese, abused woman, there lived a beautiful and extraordinary woman; and
Beyond a suicidal mind, there lived a bright and loving soul….
Hell ya!